Ashapura Devi Maa Temple Kutch

Ashapura Devi Maa Temple Kutch, Ashapura Mata is the principle deity of Kutch .Ashapura Mata Temple, a 14th-century temple, is dedicated to the chief deity of Jadeja Rajputs, Ashapura Mata. Ashapura Devi Maa, an incarnation of Annapoorna devi, is popular amongst her devotees as she fulfills desires and wishes of people who pray to her in need. As the name indicates, she is the Goddess who fulfills the wish & desires of all those who trust and believe her.

The unique thing about most of the idol of Ashapura Mata is that it has 7 pairs of eyes.In Gujarat, many other communities worship her as a kuldevi. Inside the temple, one can see a six feet high red-painted stone statue of Ashapura Mata. People of many communities gather at the temples for her ‘darshan’ all the year round, particularly during the ‘chaitra’, and in greater numbers during the ‘ashvin’ Navratri. During the festival, puja is performed on a large scale .Her temples are mainly found in Gujarat.  Book A Tour Package to Ashapura Devi Maa Temple Kutch