The Shri Bahucharaji Mata Temple Mehsana

Shri Bahucharaji Mata Temple Mehsana Goddess Bahuchara Temple Dedicated to Devi Bahuchara is located in the town of Becharaj near the village Chanasma of Patan district. Bahucharaji Mata Temple is one of the Shakti Peetha since it is held that Devi Sati’s hands fell here. The original temple complex was built in year 1783 AD and is decorated with intricate stone carvings.

As one of the chief Shakti Peeths of Gujarat, this temple is historic and one of the most visited temples of Gujarat. People from all around the world come to seek the blessings of the goddess Bahuchara.

At this Bahucharaji Mata Temple, the goddess is worshipped in the avatar of Shri Balatripur Sundari. According to the Purana, the Chunval region around Bahucharaji was ruled by a demon called Dandasar. The capital of the Chunval region was Daityarajpur (today's Detroj). Legends have it that the goddess Bahuchara had slain Dandasur and liberated the gods from his clutches.

The vehicle of goddess Bahuchara is a cock. During the Solanki era and in the golden period, the mark of a cock was printed on the flag as a symbol of the state. Bahuchara Mata carries a sword on her top right, a text of scriptures on her top left, the Abhay Hasta mudra on her bottom right, and a trident on her bottom left. She is seated on a rooster, which symbolises innocence. As the Goddess of Fertility, pilgrims are taken to this site for vows fulfilled and boons granted.

Legend - Bahuchara Mata is a Hindu goddess. She was a daughter of a Charan by the name of Bapal dan Detha. She and her sisters were on a journey with a caravan, when a marauder named Bapiya attacked their caravan. It was common practice among charan men and women, if overpowered by their enemies, not to surrender but to kill themselves. Shedding the blood of charan was considered a heinous sin. When Bapiya attacked the caravan, Bahuchara and her sisters announced tragu (self-immolation) and cut their breasts.

Legend tells that Bapiya was cursed and became impotent. The curse was lifted only when he worshiped Bahuchara Mata by dressing and acting like a woman. Today Bahuchara Mata is considered patroness of the hijra community in India, and worshipped by them and many other communities in Gujarat. Though many of her followers believe in non-violence and consider killing of all animals and creatures a sin, historically Bahuchara Mata was, like many Hindu gods and goddesses, the recipient of annual animal sacrifices . Book A Tour Package to  Shri Bahucharaji Mata Temple Mehsana