Shamlaji Krishna Temple

Shamlaji Krishna Temple  is one of the three Vishnu Temples in Gujarat and other two are-Dwarka and Dakor. Shamlaji Temple Dedicated to Lord Krishna is situated among the north-east of the Meshvo River in the natural beauty of groves in Arvalli District in Gujarat State

Here you will find the idols of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Yama, Seven Matrukas, Shri Ganesh, planets, Indra, The wind God, the Sea god, ShivVaishnavi, Brahmani, Indrani, Bharti, Saraswati, Chandrika, Yama etc. The Temple of Shamlaji is a huge Four-handed, five feet high idol of black-coloured Gadhadhar Shamlaji has been installed .Shamlaji, is considered as the abods of the gods.

There are reasons to believe that there must have been a beautiful city at this place, numerous remains of Which are found Scattered here and there. Time destroyed this famous city. According to the Archeological Department, no information is available of its inception of founder but it is presumed that this city might have existed before about 1500 years.

It is belived a person is got rid of sorcery and witch-craft simply by taking a bath on its bank. This place is important for 'Narayan Bali' &'Nag Bali' a ceremony for begotting children Putreshti yagna ( performance for begetting children) and for other beneficial gains. Book A Tour Package to Shamlaji Krishna Temple