Udayanapuram Subrahmanya Temple Vaikom

Udayanapuram Subrahmanya Temple Dedicated to Lord Subramanya is located near Vaikom and 35 kms from Kochi is closely associated with the Vaikom Mahadeva temple and the Kumaranallur Bhagawati temple. It is believed that worship at the famed Vaikom Mahadevar temple is complete only after a visit to Udayanapuram.

Udayanapuram is also closely tied to the grand Ashtami celebration at the Vaikom temple. Udayanapuram is considered to be equivalent to Palani in Tamilnadu.

Legend has it that the Bhagawati temple at Kumaranallur nearby was originally intended for Subramanya and that this temple was intended originally for Bhagawati and was known as Udayanayakeepuram. It is believed that Bhagawati occupied the temple intended for Kumaran, and hence her temple town took on the name Kumaran-alla-ooru (not for Kumaran).

In conjunction with this legend, Bhagawati Sevai is conducted at the Subramanya temple at Udayanapuram. In terms of structure, it does resemble the Vaikom Mahadevar temple. Udayanapuram Temple boasts of several beautiful carvings and paintings. Thai Poosam in the month of Capricorn, is celebrated in great splendour here, when hundreds of Kaavadis line up here in procession. These Kaavadis make their way to Vaikom first and then find their way to Udayanapuram.

The most interesting of festivals in Udayanapuram Temple is the Vaikkattu Ashtami, the 12th day of the annual festival in the month of Scorpio. This day witnesses a spectacular victory procession of Subramanya from Udayanapuram to Vaikom, symbolizing Kartikeya's victory over the demons, and his greeting Shiva at Vaikom on the occasion.

Also accompanying this procession are deities from several other neighboring temples. This three hour long procession with the accompaniment of music and elephants reaches the Vaikom temple, where an image of Shiva on a beautifully decorated elephant greets the procession. This meeting is followed by a farewell, and Subramanya is taken back in procession to Udayanapuram. Interestingly, no food offerings are made at the Vaikom temple sanctum during this festival, as it is believed that Shiva himself fasts, for his son's success in the battle against the demons, while thousands are fed within the temple precincts.

The Kidangoor Skanda temple: At Kidangoor in this area, there is a Subramanya temple. Legend has it that this temple was originally constructed for Vishnu, but a sequence of events involving local legends caused this to be consecrated as a Subramanya temple (in a manner similar to the Kumaranalloor temple).

The annual festival at Kidangoor is celebrated in the month of Kumbham. Kartikai and Thai Poosam are the other festivals celebrated here. The Thottagam Skanda temple: Located in Thalayazham near Vaikom, this Subramanya temple celebrates its annual utsavam for 8 days from Chathayam to Rohini in Dhanur month. Book A tour Package to Udayanapuram Subrahmanya Temple Vaikom