Sanji Chhat

Sanji Chhat is a delightful little plateau two and a half kilometres short of the holy Shrine of Vaishno Devi . It is located at an altitude of 5870 feet above mean sea level and is the highest point on the yatra if a pilgrim does not use the track leading to the Shrine via Bhairo Ghati. It offers a panoramic view of river Chenab flowing majestically into Pakistan and a large number of nallahs making their tortuous way to join river Tawl flowing through Jammu.

Facilities At Sanji Chhat:

Location : Katra
State : Jammu & Kashmir

A reservoir
Sanji Chhat is provided with a continuous supply of water and electricity. A reservoir with a capacity of 20,000 gallons of water has been built at Sanji Chhat. Simultaneously, more powerful pumps have been installed at Adhkawari and Hathi Matha for lifting water to Sanji Chhat. New electric substations at Adhkawari and Hathi Matha with high voltage ensure a continuous supply of electricity.

Shopping complex :-A new has been built at Sanji Chhat. It is a four-storied building. The lowest storey has toilet and bathing facilities. The second storey has accommodation for the staff and the third and the fourth storey house the shops. The fourth storey of the complex is so designed that it is below the level of the track. A dharmashala has been built adjacent to the building at Sanji Chhat, which can accommodate one hundred pilgrims.A pony stand

A pony stand has been built at Sanji Chhat. A reasonably large pony shed is constructed at Sanji Chhat to accommodate the animals. It is constructed below the track level and its roof is parallel to the track.

Platform :- A large platform with a water body has also been built at Sanji Chhat, providing much needed relief to the pilgrims. It consists of a fountain shaped like a Trishul on one end of the platform and a waterfall with water cascading down the hill on the other end of the platform.

The beauty of the platform is enhanced by its surroundings. On one side, one of the three peaks of the Trikuta Mountain. Adjacent to it, but far away on the horizon the snow-clad peaks of the Pir Panjal range can be seen. On the third side, the magnificent Chenab can be seen snaking its way into Pakistan. On the fourth side one can see the myriad nallahs flowing into river Tawi. At its feet lies the picturesque town of Katra and beyond Katra the low hills of the Shiwaliks, merging into the plains of Jammu and Akhnoor.

A Helipad :- A helipad has been built on a ridge about three fourths of a kilometre from Sanji Chhat towards Vaishno Devi. It is large enough to accommodate at least two MI 8 or MI 17 helicopters at a time. The approach to this helipad is from the side nearer to Vaishno Devi. A small lounge and a few rooms with toilets have also been constructed on one side of the ridge containing the helipad.

School & Hospital

A primary school for all young boys and girls of school going age living in Sanji Chhat has been built.

Sanji Chhat also has its own hospital, which provides medical assistance and relief to the many pilgrims making their way to Vaishno Devi.