Bhairo Ghati

Bhairo Ghati is the track between Vaishno Devi and Sanji Chhat. It is an uneven, slippery and hazardous track and keeping this in mind the temple board undertook the task of making the track easier to navigate.

Facilities in Bhairo ghati :

In deference to the wishes of the pilgrims work on this stretch of the track was taken up during 1988. The most important part of the work was the laying of a proper track. The existing track has been suitably widened at a number of places and a storm water drain has been constructed to take care of the rainwater. Tiles have been laid on the track and parapets and iron railings installed all along the route. The area in front of the Bhairo temple has been widened to ensure that when pilgrims reached here in relatively large groups they would have space to move about.

Beautification :

Work was also taken up on the beautification of the temple at Bhairo Ghati. The basic structure of the temple has been left intact. However, some renovations have been carried out by adding marble tiles and slabs along the Parikrama (perambulation) of the temple.

The entire stretch of the route has been illuminated with sodium lamps. The board has also seen to it that all along the route, the pilgrims are provided with water.

On a mound a little distance from the Bhairo temple, a cafeteria and a view-point have been constructed. The Cafeteria is named "Om" and provides much needed refreshments to the pilgrims.

The view-point commands a panoramic view of the Chenab and Tawi rivers shimmering on the horizon in the sunlight. The low hills of the Shivalik range merging with the plains are breath taking. At night, the lights of Jammu and Akhnoor can be seen strung like a long band of jewels on a diamond bracelet.

At present, the construction of sun and rain shelters at a few selected places along the track is going on.

The board has seen to it that during the entire journey to Vaishno Devi, the pilgrims have the best possible facilities. Keeping this in mind a large number of development work has been carried out in the area around Bhawan.