Shri Mangeshi Temple

Shri Mangeshi Temple is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located on a hillock at Proil in Ponda Taluka., Goa . Though small, the temple has an air of distinct elegance and its lofty white tower is a landmark of the countryside.

The original temple of Mangeshi at Kushasthali was vandalised and demolished by the Portuguese in 1560AD. Overnight, the idol was whisked away and within a year, it came up in another temple at Priyol in the nearby area of Sonde Rajas. The image of Mangesh resides in the garbh-griha of the beautiful temple.

There are other deities, too, including Nandikeshvar, Gajana, Bhagavati and the Gramapurusha Deva Sharma of the Vatasa gotra  Most of the Goan temples are noted for their chiselled architecture and their distinctive 'Stambh' or lamp tower at the gates and are located in Ponda (25 kms from Panaji), set against a sylvan backdrop of woodlands and rolling green hills that is both pleasing to the eye and satisfying to the soul. The 400-year-old Shri Mangesh temple dedicated to Shiva stands out with its simple and yet exquisitely elegant structure. Book A tour Package to Shri Mangeshi Temple Goa