Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple Kochi

Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu known as Poornathrayeesa. is Situated in Tripunithura, a tranquil temple town, located about 6 kms from the city of Kochi .The Lord is the family deity of the erstwhile Kochi dynasty.

Lord Vishnu, here, is worshipped as Poornathrayeesa "thra" means three; 'poorna' means complete and 'isa' means Iswara which means the Lord of Knowledge, or the Lord of the Three Vedas - Rik, Yajus and Sama. It also means the Lord who manifests himself as the essence of the Vedas, who can be attained through inner saadhana.

Lord Vishnu, here, is worshipped as 'Santanagopala Moorthy', or the protector of kids. The temple is believed to have come into existence in 'Dwapara Yuga', about 5000 years ago.

Unlike other Vishnu temples, where the Lord is seen as reclining on Anantha, here, the Lord is seen in a unique pose. He is sitting on Anantha, who spreads his majestic hood over the Lord. It is said that, when Lord Krishna and Arjuna reached Vaikuntam, the Lord got up from his serpent bed to receive them. Book A tour Package to Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple Kochi