Keerthi Naryan Temple Talakad

Keerthi Naryan Temple is located in Talakadu is one of the Pancha Narayana Kshetrams and the presiding Deity in this temple is Keerthi Narayana . hirunarayana , Vijayanarayana , Veeranarayana , Chennakeshava Narayana .

Keerthinarayana is one of the Pancha Narayana (Vishnu) shrines built in the year 1117 AD by King Vishnuvardhana around the same time, as ordained by the Lord. The other four temples are dedicated to Thirunarayana at Melkote, Vijayanarayana at Thonnur, Veeranarayana at Gadag and Chennakeshava Narayana at Belur.

In the sanctum at the Keerthinarayana temple, the nine-foot-tall image of the Lord with Shanku, Chakra and Gadha stands majestically on Garuda Peeta. Nearby is the well-known Lakshminarayana temple. The Lord here is seen having a balance and kundumani in His hands. The place is revered as sacred as Kashi. The main temple premise is also installed by idols of Ramanujar, Nammazhwar and Vedantha desikar. One will also see the idols of Yoga Narasimhar in the 'ardha mandapan .Book A tour Package to Keerthi Naryan Temple Talakad.

Legend Of Talakad- The temples here are covered with sand. It is said that the city was cursed by a Queen Alamelamma.  Srirangapatna was ruled by Sri Ranga Raya from Vijayanagar family. The king got afflicted with an incurable disease and went to the temple of Vaidyesvara in Talakad leaving the responsibilities on her wife, Queen Alamelamma.

On hearing that her husband was near to death, she left for Talakad to meet him and handed over the responsibilities to Raja Wodeyar of Mysore. The wicked king always wanted to capture the jewels and the property of Srirangapatna and therefore trolled an army against the Queen. The queen drowned herself with her jewels in the river Kaveri and cursed the city of Talakad that it will turn into sand and Mysore kings will fail to have their heirs. The curse is still levied on this city. Book A tour Package to Keerthi Naryan Temple Talakad

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