Sree Janardana Swamy Temple Varkala

Sree Janardana Swamy Temple Varkala is One of the ancient temples in Kerala dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Janardhana temple is a major pilgrim spot in Varkala.The Janardhana Swamy Temple is believed to be 2000 years old situated on a very steep hill. This temple bestows the traditional South-Indian architecture.

The red-tiled roof of the circular building is the main shrine of the temple.Sree Janardana is said to have brought the holy Ganga here with the help of the 'Sudarasana Chakra'. The holy water collected is now known as Chakra Tirtha. The water used for the temple is from this source.

It is widely believed that worship at this shrine cures many ills which explains why devotees come here from all over the country and even abroad including non-Hindus. The chief offering made is mukhacharthu and muzhukappu i.e. decorating the face and whole body respectively with sandal paste The temple is 3 kms from the Varkala railway station and atleast ten thousand devotees visit the place during Arattu.

Legend of Lord Janardhana Swamy Temple There is an interesting legend behind it. Once when Brahma was relaxing in his Vayjayanti assembly, the sage Narada entered singing the praises of Sree Narayana. Brahma was so enraptured that he fell at the feet of Narada seeing him not as a son but as Hari Himself. The other devas who saw this burst into laughter and Brahma was greatly embarrassed. Infuriated, he cursed them banishing them to earth where they could purify their minds and acquire knowledge and wisdom.

Narada consoled the devas and advised them to do penance at the place where his valkalam (garment made of bark of a tree) fall. And the place where it landed is now called varkala a colloquial form of valkalam. The devas built a temple there dedicated to Lord Krishna. This was however destroyed by sea erosion. Lord Brahma, the legend goes, came to earth one day to conduct a yoga. Lord Mahavishnu as Sree Janardana Swamy appeared before him to bless the devas and redeem them. The presiding diety of Varkala temple is thus Sree Janardana Swamy. The image has four hands one holding divine water, another, the conch, the third, the discus and the fourth, the mace. Book A tour Package to  Janardana Swamy Temple Varkala