Bhimakali Temple

Shri Bhima Kali Temple is is dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali located in Sarahan village , 180 kms from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh . The wooden Bhimakali Temple is a grand specimen of hill architecture in a mix of Hindu and Buddhist styles. The present Bhimakali Temple is a new one, built in 1927. The old temple, nearby, has an fascinating story to it it got tilted slightly in the 1905 earthquake, and then miraculously straightened back with a subsequent tremor It is said that the foundations of this temple are very deep and that there is a disused tunnel that connects this to the village of Ranwin, a kilometre away. Pundits (priests) would enter and leave the temple through this secret passage.

The complex has smaller temples too, dedicated to Lord Narsingh and Lord Raghunath. The beautifully carved (new) temple has three stories topped by a fascinating roofline. The upper floors have balconies and windows with great ornamental woodcarving, while the doors are adorned with silver repouss work. A 200-yr old gold image of the goddess Bhimakali is enshrined on the first floor, which is actively worshipped only during the Dusshera festival. The other image on the second floor is worshipped daily. The temple also has some lovely silver decorations, other Hindu and Buddhist images and a small museum.

Shri Raghunath Ji Temple : Above the edge of the second court yard, is a substantial super structure,  which has fringe clusters at the corners of its roofs as multiple pendants.It is Raghunath ji Temple.This Magnificent building has two arched windows of carved wood, one rectangular window and pierced wall openings for ventilation and light.

It is more than an imposing gateway.Shri Narsingh: Opening into the courtyard is the special enclosure of a Sikhara Temple dedicated to Lord Narsingh.It has many sculpture fragments of stone set up around it.The building itself is sharply cut, with architecture multiplicity of relief sculptures that repeat the overall contour of the temple as a whole.

Shri Lankravir Temple :This god is considered the servant - the guardian deity of mother goddess.It is housed in one of the subsidiary buildings to the right side.Here one structure shelters a deep dark hole that has very steep steps leadings down into it and that does not seem to have any bottom.As one local devotee states this deep hole disappears into black depths that may lead to water.

Shri Hanuman Ji Temple: Towards right of the temple complex near "Shanti Kunj" royal palace, is a temple dedicated to Shri Hanumanji.The image is housed in a wooden structure.In Shanti Kunj itself there is a personal temple of the royal family in it.