Aranya Devi Temple

Aranya Devi Temple located in Arrah in Bihar, is dedicated to goddess Aranya Devi-the goddess of the forest The temple faces east. The dome of the temple is round. At the entrance there is a courtyard and there are two sections or verandas to the west and north sides. In the west portion there are three bells. The portion of the west side is ten feet by eight feet.

There are a Shiva linga and Nandi, a charity box (gupta dan peti) for secret offer by the visiting devotees and a well in the west portico. To the west of the portion there is a space of about 3 feet by 3 feet for the priest and to the west of that place there is the singhasan (throne) of two Aranya Devis which are in the standing pose. The singhasan of the goddesses is about ten feet high. The statues are of black stone.

One statue is three feet high and the other is two feet high. It is said that both are sisters. They are attired in yellow sari with flower garlands and mukuts on their heads. The mukuts are made of paper. On the left side of Aranya Devi, that is on the north side of the temple, there are the statues of Radha and Krishna. On their left are the statues of Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, Bharata and Satrughna. These were installed by the local businessmen in 1953 A.D. All these statues are made of white stone (marble).