Paaarshuram Temple

The ancient Parshuram temple which is famous for the 6th 'Avtaar' or incarnation of Vishnu and is situated near Chiplun. It is located near Mumbai-Goa National high-way. There are steps from the ghat which lead to the temple. It is surrounded by stone walls and there are 3 idols in it. It was built 300 years ago by Brahmendra Swami Konkan land is known as Parshuram Bhumi. It is believed that Parshuram createdKonkan land and so he is deity of the Konkan. The houses of Adilshah period are seen here.

The temple was constructed by Portuguese and funds for it were provided by Janjirekar and Siddhi so European, Hindus and Muslim styles are noticed in the construction work. It is 2 Hrs. From chiplun. There is temple of Goddess Renuka behind parshuram temple. At this place water source was created on land by Parshuram's powerful 5 arrows. This is the Bandganga Lake.